sails & rigparts


Patrik Diethelm is a swiss board shaper who is actively working and developing his products for the windsurfing industry since its very beginning. In the past he worked for one of the biggest windsurfing brands F2 which gave him the knowledge to create one of the best windsurf boards on the market.


Neilpryde is one of the biggest sails and rig supplier in the windsurfing industry. Besides many records and world championship titles Neilpryde also has the very best riders on their team. The sails are not only made to go incredibly fast, they also provide a lot of control with the least weight possible.

garden & earth work



“Gartenfriseur” is a company which has its focus in gardening-, forest- and earth work. The company’s CEO Cristian Jung, a retired professional windsurfer puts big effort in customer care and stands out for his leadership.

blip fins

Blipfins are high quality custom carbon fins for windsurfing. Their main focus lays in the fine tuning of flex and twist and the optimisation during manufacturing process. It’s the extinct knowledge of the shaper Christian Bratsch from Salzburg together with the precise work of his team riders that make them able to create high quality slalom fins.

    bread  & food

yachts & boats


Ströck Bakery was founded in 1970 in Donaustadt, Vienna, Austria. Today there are over 70 shops in Vienna and the surrounding area (including Gerasdorf, Kittsee, and Parndorf). The product range includes bread, baked goods, pastries, snacks, coffee, and other hot drinks and a large selection of organic, vegan and vegetarian products.


Master Yachting is one of the big players in the yachting industry,  representing the Beneteau Group with Beneteau Sailing and Motor Yachts as well as Lagoon Catamarans and Frauscher Boats. With its daughter company Sanlorenzo Adria, the Master Yachting Group is also authorised Sanlorenzo dealer. 

sport support 


Sportpool Burgenland is an association for innovative foundation for professional athletes which was founded 2001. It´s goal is to be able to support the best athletes besides their local foundation from the Burgenland government. Their financial opportunities are gained through exceptionally through their cooperation with the economy.